The Scissor Cellar website, shop page

Bob asked me to build a website for his new business selling dog grooming scissors. This is a niche market that grew from his skills as a scissor sharpener. Bob found more and more people were asking his advice on what sort of scissors they should use for dog and cat grooming, so he began to source and sell scissors. In no time he needed a website to showcase all his stock and an ordering system so he could service customers without constantly being on the phone.

Bob and Cathy have been incredibly busy as orders keep coming in on their new website. The scissors look great on the rustic timber background and even some of the dogs featured on the website have been groomed with the scissor cellar scissors. There are more scissors to come, Bob adds to the range regularly as he finds more scissors that are good for his customers but the website and its shop are open to the public and the public is happy.

The Scissor Cellar mobile view

The Scissor Cellar, mobile view.


Bob and Cathy are incredibly happy with the website. They have learned to update stock numbers and do other minor changes to the site. The Scissor Cellar website shop is open for business and products are selling well.