An Australian Doctor's Story

A lot of people spend months or years researching their family history and then want to have it published. They give me their manuscripts and old photos. The photos sometimes need a degree of restoration before print. I add the photos to the relevant pages and turn it into a book for them. The authors spend years studying and collating information and often only print 50 copies, but the end result is an absolute treasure to these historians and their families.


Family History Books

These books come via email in huge documents, or by post in huge envelopes. I use Adobe Indesign to design and format the books. I scan the photos at high resolution and use Adobe Photoshop to retouch the photos (when required). Some people want the photos restored while others prefer to leave them in the state they are in. The Book Printing Company will print as many or as few books as desired. I also design children’s books and other non-fiction books.

The Green Patch, Family history book

The Green Patch, Memories of Childhood, by Wendy Christie

Client Response

“WatersDesigns provides an efficient, professional, and personalised service by skilfully applying the expertise of the designer to the specific requirements of the client.  As the writer of a manuscript without any knowledge of publishing or printing, I was impressed by the graphic designer’s informed guidance, meticulous attention to detail, and willingness to engage me in the process of laying out my material artistically to achieve the desired outcome.  I wholeheartedly recommend WatersDesigns for all work which requires a superior standard of completion.”

Wendy Christie, Author, The Green PatchWendy Christie, AUTHOR, THE GREEN PATCH

“As a first-time author of a historical family book, I was a little baffled as to how it should be presented.  Feeling completely out of my depths, I was introduced to WatersDesigns and Elizabeth Waters. I can honestly say that it was one of the luckiest days of my life. Not only did she sound out my ideas for the book’s cover theme, but made suggestions; and recommendations, leading me through every stage of the design, before presenting several choices, all of which were pertinent to the book content but fully in line with my thoughts.

Throughout the process of formulating a design, Elizabeth proved to be interested, professional, and above all caring about my needs. Had I been aware much earlier of WatersDesigns and its expertise, it would have saved me a whole lot of anxiety. I cannot recommend WatersDesigns high enough.”

Colin Withall, Author, Mariners and GentlemenColin Withall, AUTHOR/PUBLISHER OF MARINERS AND GENTLEMEN

“Elizabeth did a great job with the layout of my book (Ten Pounds Took Me A Long Way), especially with the photos some of which were in hard copy and some in digital format. A number of them were many years old and she was able to enhance and improve them considerably. I was very happy with the finished book.”

Terry Ward, Author, Ten Pounds took me a long wayTerry Ward, AUTHOR, TEN POUND TOOK ME A LONG WAY