CHIP website on mobile

CHIP or the Complete Health Improvement Program is a lifestyle intervention program designed to prevent or reverse disease. They show scientifically tested principles that can reverse many chronic diseases. The previous CHIP website was over 10 years old and in dire need of a complete revamp. Using the old website and updated information, I created the new one. There is a Facilitator Only section as well as information for the general public. There are links to scientific articles and testimonies from real people who have completed the program.

The outcome of the CHIP website revamp was incredible. We received a huge amount of praise. Using SEO I have improved the Google ranking of so that it outranks the US site. CHIP receives emails from people all over the world wanting to do the online course. They want to learn how to change their lifestyle and thus improve their health. Courses are being run continually, and I was excited to be part of the team that will bring health to so many. Two other sites I have built recently are the ThermotherapyNow website and RE-CYC-OLD website.



The team was very happy with the final result. The old CHIP website was outdated and in need of a complete revamp. I have modernized the new site and made it user-friendly, as well as making it look great. We now enjoy a high Google ranking, and the site gets a constant stream of visitors.