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Bruce from Thermotherapy Now asked me to design and build a website for his new business. A qualified Physiotherapist, who has been using and teaching hydrotherapy for over 30 years. Bruce researched the benefits of sauna and heat to treat diseases and is now offering Thermotherapy to his clients. He is passionate about his new business and excited about the changes people are experiencing in their health.

Thermotherapy Now offers easy-to-understand information for the general public. It also provides more in-depth information about various diseases aimed at other health practitioners. It is a small website, which will expand as new research is done and written about. Two other websites I have built recently are the CHIP website and the RE-CYC-OLD website.

ThermotherapyNow on iphone

ThermotherapyNow website on iphone

Client Response

“Liz did a great job with Thermotherapy Now. Three things about the process and resulting website stand out.

  1. Costs, and what I was getting for my money, were clearly laid out. No surprises!
  2. Liz works quickly and responds in a timely way.
  3. The 5-star reason is that Liz produced a website that I thought was beautiful… but it wasn’t “me”. Initially, I was a little disappointed. But now, my clients come to see me with most of their questions about thermotherapy, a pretty obscure topic, already answered by the website. That’s great, but the “ah-ha” was: … It isn’t about me! Liz produced a website laser-focused on the needs and preferences of my clients. Thank you, Liz!”
Bruce Thompson, Thermotherapy NowBruce Thompson, THERMOTHERAPY NOW